One of the biggest shakeups for high-risk merchants took place on April 1, 2024, with the update to the Visa Integrity Risk Program. There has been plenty of lead-up to this going live, yet there has been a massive impact on companies across the board in the high-risk space.
Are auto rental chargebacks driving you crazy? Learn how to effectively manage and prevent these frustrations in the car rental industry. At CB-Alert, we've been helping companies drastically diminish their chargebacks in the industry.
While cryptocurrencies cannot be charged back, crypto exchanges often deal with chargebacks. What makes chargebacks in this industry difficult is that the cost is never the same as at purchase since cryptos vary in price.
With the rise of cost-friendly IPTV services, there has been a massive uptick in chargebacks. While this industry can be highly lucrative, it also carries a bit of a grey area as not all providers do things legally.
Debt collection companies have been growing rather quickly over the last few years. With great profit, sometimes some setbacks come with it. Many debt-collection companies deal with chargebacks from true fraud and friendly fraud.
With the recent updates with VIRP, tightening down on fraud has never been more important. Sweepstake chargebacks are currently a significant issue for nearly all merchants. At CB-ALERT, we are experts in the sweepstakes industry, and we go back nearly two decades in the high-risk payment space with our sister
While the Delta 8/9 industry can be highly profitable, it has problems. Are you looking to set your disputes ablaze? You've come to the right place.
High-ticket chargebacks can cripple even the most successful businesses. If your company experiences chargebacks, you've come to the right place.
The peptide industry is extremely profitable. However, many merchants in the industry struggle with chargebacks. At CB-ALERT, we have been helping peptide merchants manage their disputes and implement prevention strategies to protect their bottom line for years.
On paper, a local dental office wouldn't incur many disputes and chargebacks. In reality, chargebacks are a natural occurrence in even the most professional settings.
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