While it's the world's most popular peer-to-peer digital payment platform, Venmo has made its way into the merchant space as so many customers are requesting to use it for payment. It is now vital that merchants offer Venmo to customers and it's only growing in popularity. With this comes chargebacks.
Understanding MOTO transactions and the associated chargeback risks is crucial for any business operating in today's economy. Let's take a look at what they are, why they occur, and why we're your one stop shop to preventing MOTO chargebacks.
Online businesses are frequently destructed by chargebacks, especially in the tobacco industry. Over the years, we've worked with some of the largest tobacco and vape companies on the market, helping them stifle their chargebacks, ultimately increasing their bottom line.
Med spas find themselves in a unique position as they blur the lines between low and high risk. With more and more services being offered that banks tend to be iffy about, we are seeing payment processors such as Square start to become extremely strict.
Are you tired of dealing with chargebacks in your health and fitness business? With CB-Alert, you can learn how to minimize these frustrating setbacks.
Marketing agencies often offer services that fall victim to chargebacks. Many digital marketing services such as SEO or PPC can result in unhappy customers when they feel duped.
The ticketing industry loses significant revenue every year due to chargebacks. Fraudsters take advantage of specific ticketing platforms, often leaving customers frustrated and angry at the platform. As a result, customers go directly to their bank to dispute the charge.
One of the biggest shakeups for high-risk merchants took place on April 1, 2024, with the update to the Visa Integrity Risk Program. There has been plenty of lead-up to this going live, yet there has been a massive impact on companies across the board in the high-risk space.
Are auto rental chargebacks driving you crazy? Learn how to effectively manage and prevent these frustrations in the car rental industry. At CB-Alert, we've been helping companies drastically diminish their chargebacks in the industry.
While cryptocurrencies cannot be charged back, crypto exchanges often deal with chargebacks. What makes chargebacks in this industry difficult is that the cost is never the same as at purchase since cryptos vary in price.
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