High-Ticket Chargeback Prevention

High-ticket chargebacks can cripple even the most successful businesses. If your company experiences chargebacks, you’ve come to the right place.

At CB-ALERT, we analyze the problem and set you up with preventative measures to reduce your disputes.

Key Takeaways

  • Implement robust authentication processes for transaction verification.
  • Utilize chargeback alerts
  • Implement Visa RDR
  • Regularly review and ensure transparent refund policies.
  • Continuously refine prevention strategies to reduce risks.
  • Work with CB-ALERT to take your business’s bottom line to the next level.

How High-Ticket Chargebacks Can Destroy Your Business

If left unchecked, high-ticket chargebacks can swiftly disrupt your business. These chargebacks, often stemming from fraudulent activities or dissatisfied customers, result in financial losses and damage your reputation.

When customers dispute large transactions, the repercussions are significant. Your cash flow suffers, operational costs increase, and the time spent resolving disputes could be better allocated elsewhere. 

At CB-ALERT, we see this all too often: merchants are taking massive hits because they don’t have proper measures in place.

We can quickly reduce your chargebacks so that you can continue to grow your bottom line.


At CB-ALERT, we make applying for your chargeback management services a breeze. We will need the following information to expedite the application process:

  • Company name
  • Registered business address
  • Merchant account descriptor
  • Merchant account number issued by your payment processor
  • Access to your sales system to provide refunds/resolve alerts for you

Preventing High-Ticket Chargebacks

Preventing high-ticket chargebacks is a must when looking to grow your company. Here are our top tips to preventing chargebacks:

  1. Deploy Advanced Fraud Prevention Tools: Incorporate robust tools such as 3DS2 authentication, RDR, and Ethoca/Verifi alerts.
  2. Ensure Recognizable Merchant Descriptor: Guarantee that your company’s descriptor name aligns with your online storefront name, facilitating easy customer recognition.
  3. Collaborate with CB-ALERT: Partner with CB-ALERT to proactively identify and prevent potential fraudsters before chargebacks occur, enhancing your overall risk management strategy.
  4. Clearly Communicate Transaction Details: To enhance customer understanding ensure transparent communication of transaction details, including the purchase price and associated fees.
  5. Consider Refunds as a Preventive Measure: Refunding is often a cost-effective alternative to navigating the complexities of chargebacks. It also increases the likelihood of retaining the customer.
  6. Provide 24/7 Customer Service: Offering round-the-clock customer support is pivotal in countering chargebacks. This accessibility allows for timely issue resolution, refunds, or dispute resolution before customers involve their banks.
  7. Utilize Clear and Concise Billing Descriptors: Guarantee that the billing descriptor on customers’ credit card statements is clear and easy to comprehend, minimizing the risk of chargebacks stemming from confusion.
  8. Maintain Accurate Records: Keep meticulous records of all transactions.
  9. Monitor and Promptly Address Chargebacks: Leverage chargeback alert systems to stay alert regarding disputes and address them promptly, preventing further escalation.
  10. Scrutinize Irregular Orders: Questioning irregular orders is crucial when preventing chargebacks.


If you run a business that frequently deals with high tickets, you know that chargebacks and friendly fraud can ruin a company’s finances quickly. 

If you partner with CB-ALERT, we can do the heavy lifting and free up the valuable time you spent fighting chargebacks so that you can manage your time and continue to grow.

We have two decades of experience in the space, with an emphasis on high-volume/high-ticket ventures, and we know we can become a vital piece of the puzzle.

Below are some of the things we bring to the table at CB-ALERT:

  • Ethoca and Verifi alerts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Transparent pricing
  • RDR
  • Visa compelling evidence 3.0
  • Gateway/CRM agnostic approach
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