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These are the questions we get asked a lot about how our chargeback dispute platform operates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CB-ALERT’s platform pulls all potential chargeback/dispute data into one centralized location, which allows merchants to receive alerts the moment a customer has filed a chargeback dispute with their issuing bank. This helps merchants to save time and money, enabling them to issue refunds automatically or dispute any claims before they become actual chargebacks.

Additionally, CB-ALERT is gateway/CRM agnostic. Merchants do not need to switch gateways, or CRM’s to benefit from our top tier API. We are compatible with all gateways/CRM’s, allowing merchants to work with what they already know and like. Further, the integration with our API is incredibly simple, with the majority of our clients completing the work in less than 24 hours.

CB-ALERT is one of the top sellers of RDR and it is and incredible way for merchants to stop fraudsters. Simply create rulesets that automatically refund the customer during the dispute to avoid the chargeback. RDR makes it possible to analyze the data so that you can tweak your rulesets and make sure you’re only refunding legitimate claims.

In most cases, cardholders will merely only ATTEMPT to initiate a chargeback. Our platform allows for close to a 100% win rate for claims filed with participating issuing banks.
We believe that each merchant has the right to decide how to handle a chargeback attempt. Many merchants prefer to simply issue refunds to avoid extra hassle, however, disputing potential chargebacks is also an option, when the customer is clearly in violation of the shown terms and conditions. In our experience, merchants are typically more successful and have more cost-effective results when disputes are handled directly, in real-time. CB-ALERT will support and help merchants through this process until the claim has reached its final stage, including attempting to recover any lost revenue.
Fighting a chargeback is a long and difficult process. It is not only time-consuming, taking up to 90 days to get resolved, but it can also be expensive. Up to 90% of all chargebacks are the result of friendly fraud, or even merchant error. So, to dispute a chargeback, a merchant needs to be able to provide strong compelling evidence that the cardholder’s claim is not true. If the merchant disputes a chargeback, but cannot assemble the necessary documentation, it can make a situation worse, racking up further unnecessary fees.
CB-ALERT offers pricing on a case by case basis, but our pricing is always transparent, and very aggressive, without any minimums. Prices are determined after analyzing the merchant’s overall performance and risk exposure.
Yes. Both Ethoca and Verifi alerts are included in our offerings. Specifically, our prevention platform utilizes these services. These alerts allow merchants up to 72 hours to respond to a chargeback attempt before it becomes an actual chargeback, protecting the merchant’s business, and merchant account.
Yes. Our API will integrate directly to the merchant’s gateway or CRM of choice and send them all chargeback-relevant data in real-time. Further, our API only requires an easy-to-use single connection to retrieve all payments-related data within our ecosystem.
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