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Beware of Chargeback Double-Dipping

Travel companies have had a rough year, but we weren’t aware of just how rough until we saw a recent article on the website about how travel agencies and travel providers are being hit with chargeback double-dipping by some of their customers.

E-Payments’ Most Pressing Issues

As the year draws to a close, Digital Transactions has come up with the 10 Most Pressing Issues in E-Payments, and we were interested to see a few of our own hot-button issues making the list. Here are four of Digital Transactions’ e-payments issues we’re most concerned about, and why.

Pre-Dispute Resolution Solutions from Verifi

One way for companies to reduce chargebacks is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. Another way is just to fight every dispute that comes your way, regardless of size and amount. That’s because chargebacks count against your dispute ratio, and if you get enough of them, you’ll be placed in your card networks’ monitoring services which means you pay a higher percentage of all your transactions.

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