Streamer Chargeback Prevention

The digital streamer industry can be quite lucrative. However, with large tips come significant chargebacks. If you’re a streamer who is tired of dealing with chargebacks, you’ve come to the right place. 

At CB-ALERT, we help streamers put measures in place to defend against chargebacks so that they can run a lucrative business.

Key Takeaways

  • CB-ALERT offers chargeback management, freeing up your time to earn more tips.
  • The streamer industry faces a high number of chargebacks
  • .The streaming industry is hard to find reliable payment processing for, which increases your risk of chargebacks.

Twitch/Youtube/Onlyfans Chargebacks

Streamer chargeback infographic

Streamers deal with chargebacks at an abnormally high rate, especially for Only Fans/adult streamers.

The reason most adult streamer chargebacks occur is when a spouse sees a statement that shows payments to adult platforms. 

Additionally, people have been known to cancel tips to streamers the following day, should they have been under the influence of alcohol.

The viewer might have intended only to spend $20, but ended up spending $500 and wakes up in a panic, ultimately calling their bank to dispute the transaction.

Why Do They Occur?

During your streaming career, you may encounter chargebacks, often due to viewer dissatisfaction, unauthorized transactions, unclear policies, technical glitches, or a lack of viewer understanding.

If you’re seeing a fair share of chargebacks, it’s essential to understand why they are occurring. At CB-ALERT, we analyze why our clients are receiving chargebacks and set them up with preventative measures to combat them in the future.

Why Are They Costly?

Chargebacks directly impact your income. Each chargeback pulls from your revenue, which can disrupt your financial stability.

Second, chargebacks can damage your reputation. Frequent chargebacks can create a negative perception among your audience and within the Twitch community.

Next, excessive chargebacks could result in penalties from payment processors or Twitch. These penalties can range from higher processing fees to suspension of your account.

Additionally, the process of contesting a chargeback requires time and resources. You’ll need to provide evidence to support the transaction, taking away from your streaming and content creation.

Apply With CB-ALERT

To protect your streaming income from the costly impact of chargebacks, you’ll find applying with CB-ALERT a valuable step forward. 

Starting your application for CB-ALERT today can significantly enhance your streamer chargeback prevention strategies. At CB-ALERT, we make applying for your merchant account seamless and quick.

Below, you’ll find the details we need to kickstart the process with CB-ALERT:

  • Company name
  • Official business address
  • Descriptor for your merchant account
  • Merchant account number issued by your payment processor
  • Access to your sales system for refunds/alert resolutions on your behalf

The more comprehensive the information you provide, the sooner we can get you up and running to tackle those chargebacks head-on.

Streamer Chargeback Prevention Tips

Here are a top ways to combat chargebacks in the streamer industry:

  • Fraud Prevention Tools Stay sharp and ahead of the curve using tools like 3DS2 authentication, RDR, and chargeback alerts to outsmart fraudsters.
  • Billing Descriptors: Ensure that your business name on financial statements is clear and unmistakable, like putting a bold sign on your shop for easy recognition.
  • Partner with CB-ALERT: Team up with CB-ALERT, the experts dedicated to keeping fraudsters at bay. It’s like having a trusted ally by your side.
  • Add an Extra Layer of Security: Prioritize customer authentication to shield against chargebacks and ensure each transaction is rock-solid, like adding an extra lock to your door.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Care: Treat your customers like royalty. Swiftly address their questions and concerns for happier customers and fewer chargebacks.
  • Extend a Helping Hand with Refunds: Offering a refund can be like extending an olive branch. 
  • Verify Customer Readiness: Before diving in, ensure your customers are financially prepared for your coaching services, like ensuring your team is ready for a big game.
  • Keep Detailed Records: Think of your records as a keepsake of your coaching journey. Document every interaction – names, orders, and conversations. They’re your safety net in case of disputes.
  • Scrutinize Every Transaction: Like checking IDs at the door, be cautious of orders from unfamiliar places or significantly higher amounts. Verify each one to keep chargebacks at bay.

Hiring A Chargeback Management Company That Understands Streamers Needs

When you’re hit with a chargeback, tackling it proactively and promptly to defend your revenue is crucial. 

At CB-ALERT, we go back over twenty years in the high-risk payment space and understand your needs as a streamer.

We make it our mission to lower your chargebacks and set measures to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Remember, when chargebacks hurt, call CB-ALERT.

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