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IT companies don’t deal with the sheer volume of disputes that other industries do; however, they can get costly fast when they do.

Whether you’re just starting to grow your information technologies company or you’ve been around for years, CB-ALERT is your one-stop for preventing chargebacks and setting you up with preventive measures in the future.

Chargebacks aren’t just expensive; they are also extremely time-consuming.

We’ve laid this guide out so that if you’re looking for chargeback management, you can quickly apply below.

Key Takeaways

  • IT chargebacks occur due to misunderstanding or misuse of IT resources
  • Insufficient training or communication can lead to IT chargebacks
  • Underestimating project resources can cause IT chargebacks
  • Unclear communication of IT service costs can result in IT chargebacks
  • At CB-ALERT, we specialize in chargeback management and understand exactly what you need to defend against disputes.

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Starting your application for CB-ALERT today can significantly enhance your IT business’s chargeback prevention strategies. At CB-ALERT, we make applying for your merchant account seamless and quick.

Below, you’ll find the details we need to kickstart the process with CB-ALERT:

  • Company name
  • Official business address
  • Descriptor for your merchant account
  • Merchant account number issued by your payment processor
  • Access to your sales system for refunds/alert resolutions on your behalf

The more comprehensive the information you provide, the sooner we can get you up and running to tackle those chargebacks head-on.

IT Chargebacks And Why They Occur

An IT chargeback occurs when a customer calls their bank in frustration over a transaction and they are credited their money from the transaction. While this sounds like a refund, it’s very different from a merchants perspective, especially in this industry as the cost of services is high.

Why Are They Costly?

it chargebacks infographic

Chargebacks are expensive for several reasons:

1. Time/Resources: Managing chargebacks requires significant time and resources, which adds to the overall cost.

2. Potential for disputes: If disagreements arise about the validity of a chargeback, it can lead to expensive and time-consuming arbitration.

3. Lost revenue: When a chargeback occurs, the sale is reversed, and the product or service you provided and any associated future revenue are lost.

4. Damage to reputation: Chargebacks can negatively impact your company’s standing with credit card processors, potentially leading to higher processing fees or losing the ability to accept credit card payments altogether.

Benefits Of Chargeback Management

Managing chargebacks effectively can significantly boost your business’s bottom line, saving you from unnecessary costs and potential reputational damage. With a strategic system in place, you gain control over the financial impact of chargebacks. This means less lost revenue.

Moreover, effective chargeback management can enhance customer service. It allows you to resolve disputes promptly, fostering trust and loyalty among your consumer base.


Choosing CB-ALERT as your chargeback management tool can significantly streamline your chargeback prevention process, saving your IT business time and money. Our system offers a strategic approach to handling disputes and identifying the causes of them to begin with

IT Chargeback Prevention Tips

Here are some strategies to prevent chargebacks to keep your information technology business thriving amidst the challenges.

  • Fraud Prevention Tools Stay sharp and ahead of the curve using tools like 3DS2 authentication, RDR, and chargeback alerts to outsmart fraudsters.
  • Billing Descriptors: Ensure that your business name on financial statements is clear and unmistakable, like putting a bold sign on your shop for easy recognition.
  • Partner with CB-ALERT: Team up with CB-ALERT, the experts dedicated to keeping fraudsters at bay. It’s like having a trusted ally by your side.
  • Add an Extra Layer of Security: Prioritize customer authentication to shield against chargebacks and ensure each transaction is rock-solid, like adding an extra lock to your door.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Care: Treat your customers like royalty. Swiftly address their questions and concerns for happier customers and fewer chargebacks.
  • Extend a Helping Hand with Refunds: Offering a refund can be like extending an olive branch. 
  • Verify Customer Readiness: Before diving in, ensure your customers are financially prepared for your coaching services, like ensuring your team is ready for a big game.
  • Keep Detailed Records: Think of your records as a keepsake of your coaching journey. Document every interaction – names, orders, and conversations. They’re your safety net in case of disputes.
  • Scrutinize Every Transaction: Like checking IDs at the door, be cautious of orders from unfamiliar places or significantly higher amounts. Verify each one to keep chargebacks at bay.


Now that you understand what you need to do to defend against chargebacks, please fill out the application below to find out what CB-ALERT can do for you.

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