Telemedicine Chargeback Prevention

Telemedicine chargebacks can wreak havoc on even the most profitable operations. If you’re running a telemedicine business and looking to prevent chargebacks, you’ve come to the right place.

At CB-ALERT, we help high-risk merchants prevent chargebacks by using cutting-edge techniques and analytics to get to the bottom of what is causing chargebacks.

Key Takeaways

  • Telemedicine chargebacks can significantly impact healthcare practices, leading to financial consequences and damage to their reputation.
  • Chargebacks can be caused by various factors, including patient dissatisfaction, misunderstanding of services billed, identity theft, and technical issues.
  • To prevent telemedicine chargebacks, healthcare practices should clearly communicate expectations, verify patient information, document sessions, invest in secure payment systems, and implement robust security measures.

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What Are Telemedicine Chargebacks?

Telemedicine chargeback prevention

A telemedicine chargeback occurs when a patient disputes a charge for telemedicine services directly with their credit card company.

This happens frequently in this industry, and it can be attributed to the following:

  • Dissatisfaction with the medical advice
  • The patient doesn’t recognize the billing descriptor
  • Friendly Fraud

When a chargeback occurs, the funds are taken from your practice’s account and returned to the patient, along with any fees associated with the chargeback process. Chargebacks can have a significant impact on your practice’s finances, as they can result in lost revenue and additional administrative costs.

What Causes Chargebacks In The Industry?

Chargebacks in the telemedicine industry can be caused by various factors that lead patients to dispute charges for services provided. Understanding these causes is crucial for telemedicine providers to minimize chargebacks and maintain a healthy financial environment.

Below are the main reasons for chargesbacks in the industry:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Misunderstanding regarding billing
  • Identity theft
  • Technical issues

Why Are They Costly?

One primary reason chargebacks are expensive is the loss of revenue. When a chargeback occurs, the provider loses the original payment and may incur additional fees and penalties. These can include chargeback fees charged by the acquiring bank or payment processor and fines imposed by credit card networks.

Unfortunately, chargebacks can lead to increased operational costs. Providers must invest time and resources in dispute resolution, which can be a lengthy and complex process.

How To Prevent Telemedicine Chargebacks

Preventive measures can help telemedicine providers avoid chargebacks and protect their financial interests. To ensure a smooth telemedicine experience and minimize chargebacks, it’s essential to implement the following strategies:

  • Fraud Prevention Tools Stay sharp and ahead of the curve using tools like 3DS2 authentication, RDR, and chargeback alerts to outsmart fraudsters.
  • Billing Descriptors: Ensure that your business name on financial statements is clear and unmistakable, like putting a bold sign on your shop for easy recognition.
  • Partner with CB-ALERT: Team up with CB-ALERT, the experts dedicated to keeping fraudsters at bay. It’s like having a trusted ally by your side.
  • Add an Extra Layer of Security: Prioritize customer authentication to shield against chargebacks and ensure each transaction is rock-solid, like adding an extra lock to your door.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Care: Treat your customers like royalty. Swiftly address their questions and concerns for happier customers and fewer chargebacks.
  • Extend a Helping Hand with Refunds: Offering a refund can be like extending an olive branch. 
  • Verify Customer Readiness: Before diving in, ensure your customers are financially prepared for your coaching services, like ensuring your team is ready for a big game.
  • Keep Detailed Records: Think of your records as a keepsake of your coaching journey. Document every interaction – names, orders, and conversations. They’re your safety net in case of disputes.
  • Scrutinize Every Transaction: Like checking IDs at the door, be cautious of orders from unfamiliar places or significantly higher amounts. Verify each one to keep chargebacks at bay.

Hiring A Chargeback Management Company

A chargeback management company will deeply understand the chargeback process and the necessary tools to effectively dispute and recover funds. They’ll also have access to industry insights and best practices that can help you prevent future chargebacks.

Additionally, these companies can provide you with detailed reports and analysis to identify trends and patterns in chargebacks, allowing you to make informed decisions and implement strategies to minimize their occurrence.


If you run a telemedicine business, you know that chargebacks and friendly fraud can ruin a company’s finances quickly. 

If you partner with CB-ALERT, we can do the heavy lifting and free up the valuable time you spent fighting chargebacks so that you can manage your time and continue to grow.

We have two decades of experience in the space with an emphasis on medical ventures, and we know we can become a vital piece to the puzzle.

Below are some of the things we bring to the table at CB-ALERT:

  • Ethoca and Verifi alerts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Transparent pricing
  • RDR
  • Visa compelling evidence 3.0
  • Gateway/CRM agnostic approach

Ready to stamp out fraud before it begins? Fill out the application below.

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