Beware of Chargeback Double-Dipping

Travel companies have had a rough year, but we weren’t aware of just how rough until we saw a recent article on the website about how travel agencies and travel providers are being hit with chargeback double-dipping by some of their customers.

Merchants, Know Your Rights About Chargebacks

While everyone talks about consumers’ rights for chargebacks and the need for banks to protect themselves from fraud, it seems like the merchants are the ones getting stuck with the bill. Merchants do have rights when it comes to fighting chargebacks, but you may not always be aware of them, so we’ll tell you about them.

How QSRs Can Curb Chargebacks

It was a great day for customers when fast-food restaurants (quick-service restaurants, or QSRs) started accepting credit cards. It meant a lot of convenience and even the ability to place bigger orders for more food. The QSRs certainly appreciated that.

Use New Technology to Reduce Coronavirus Chargebacks

The increase in ecommerce, as well as restaurant takeout/delivery, has also increased the number of chargebacks, whether malicious fraud, friendly fraud, or merchant error, and it’s creating a lot of problems for merchants of all kinds. A article back in March discussed the ways of merchants can use technology can reduce the number of chargebacks they face.

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