Marketing Agency Chargebacks

Marketing agencies often offer services that fall victim to chargebacks. Many digital marketing services such as SEO or PPC can result in unhappy customers when they feel duped.

Marketing agencies typically bill hefty monthly payments as well in exchange for services. If these services aren’tpleasing the customer, they often end up charging back the services.

At CB-Alert, we help businesses manage their chargebacks to service more customers. If you’re looking to drastically lower your chargebacks, you’ve come to the right place.

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Key Takeaways

  • Chargebacks can devastate marketing agencies do the sheer cost and time associated with them
  • Digital marketing agencies deal with an elevated chargeback ratio frequently
  • CB-Alert can drastically lower your chargebacks with our chargeback management services

What Are Marketing Agency Chargebacks?

Marketing agency chargebacks occur when the client disputes a service from their marketing agency with their bank. This typically happens when due to a lack of results or communication.

Why Are They Costly?

Chargebacks can be costly due to the time and resources required to resolve disputes and process refunds efficiently. Additionally, marketing agency services are typically quite expensive and time-consuming for the agency.

Why Choose CB-Alert To Lower Your Chargebacks?

At CB-Alert, we have been helping merchants combat fraud for the better part of 10 years. Below is a look at what we have to offer.

  • Ethoca and Verifi alerts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)
  • Visa compelling evidence 3.0
  • Gateway/CRM-neutral integration”

Digital Marketing Chargeback Prevention

Marketing chargebacks can run an agency out of business quickly. Below are our tips for reducing chargebacks:

  • Fraud Prevention Tools: Use tools such as RDR and chargeback prevention alerts.
  • Billing Descriptors: Ensure that your business name on financial statements is clear and unmistakable, like putting a bold sign on your shop for easy recognition.
  • Partner with CB-ALERT: By partnering with us, you are choosing a partner dedicated to lowering your chargebacks, ultimately saving you money.
  • Add an Extra Layer of Security: Prioritize customer authentication to shield against chargebacks and ensure each transaction is rock-solid, like adding an extra lock to your door.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Care: Treat your customers like royalty. Swiftly address their questions and concerns for happier customers and fewer chargebacks.
  • Extend a Helping Hand with Refunds: Offering a refund can be like extending an olive branch. 
  • Verify Customer Readiness: Before diving in, ensure your customers are financially prepared for your coaching services, like ensuring your team is ready for a big game.
  • Keep Detailed Records: Think of your records as a keepsake of your coaching journey. Document every interaction – names, orders, and conversations. They’re your safety net in case of disputes.
  • Scrutinize Every Transaction: Like checking IDs at the door, be cautious of orders from unfamiliar places or significantly higher amounts. Verify each one to prevent chargebacks.
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