How Often Do Merchants Win Chargeback Disputes?

Looking for a definitive answer to how often merchants win chargebacks? You’ve come to the right place. As you know, chargebacks can bleed a business dry quickly and can even get you in trouble with your payment processor.

In this article, we set out to answer how often merchants win chargebacks and review our top ways to improve your chargeback dispute process. 

We recently also put together a guide that breaks down the most efficient ways to win chargeback disputes here.

Key Takeaways

  • Merchants win significantly fewer chargebacks without a chargeback management team.
  • At CB-ALERT, we can reduce your chargebacks, save you time on disputes, and give you a chargeback strategy moving forward.
  • At CB-ALERT, we focus on preventative measures to avoid disputes becoming chargebacks, meaning you are technically “winning” disputes before they advance to a chargeback.
  • Fighting chargebacks without a chargeback team is not time efficient.
  • On average, merchants win between 20% and 45% of chargebacks they choose to fight through representment.
  • Merchants can win chargeback disputes by implementing tools such as RDRMastercard Collaboration, and chargeback prevention alerts.

Chargeback Win Rate

Our research conducted calculates that merchants typically win between 20 and 45% of chargebacks they choose to contest. But, of course, this must account for the fact that merchants don’t fight every chargeback.

So, what is a chargeback win rate? Here’s a quick formula to use to calculate your chargeback win rate:

Chargeback win rate = chargebacks won divided by total chargebacks. 

*Keep in mind that the chargeback win rate doesn’t account for disputes you were able to resolve before becoming a chargeback.

Using Chargeback Prevention Tools To Halt Chargebacks

Merchants can improve their ratio by implementing chargeback prevention alerts such Ethoca and Verifi.

We have found that focusing on preventative measures is the best way to fight chargebacks effectively and time efficiently.

Merchants Prevent And Win More Chargeback Disputes With CB-ALERT

CB-ALERT is an exemplary choice when seeking expert assistance for chargeback disputes. This specialized company offers services specifically tailored to help merchants navigate and mitigate chargebacks effectively. 

Here’s why CB-ALERT stands out as a valuable partner in handling chargeback disputes:

  • Expertise and Experience: CB-ALERT has a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with chargebacks. 
  • Chargeback Prevention Tools: CB-ALERT leverages advanced tools and technologies to identify and prevent chargeback fraud. 
  • Chargeback Mitigation Services: CB-ALERT offers comprehensive chargeback mitigation services beyond dispute resolution. We collaborate with industry-leading partners, such as Ethoca and Verifi, to provide merchants access to chargeback alert systems. 
  • Cost Savings and Business Protection: By partnering with CB-ALERT, merchants can save significant amounts of money in processing fees associated with chargebacks. By reducing the overall number of chargebacks and successfully disputing unjustified ones, CB-ALERT helps protect businesses from financial losses and reputational damage.


How often merchants win chargeback disputes depends on the key factors:

  • Are they working with a chargeback management team?
  • Are they fighting chargebacks through chargeback representment?
  • Are effective measures put in place, such as RDR, Mastercard Collaboration, and chargeback prevention alerts?

On average, merchants win between 20% and 45% of all chargebacks fought in the dispute phase. But, more importantly, while merchants can win some disputes without the help of a chargeback prevention team, they lose valuable time.

Instead, we recommend partnering with CB-ALERT to win more disputes and save countless hours dealing with chargebacks. If you’re looking to reduce your chargeback ratio and work with industry-leading technologies, fill out an application below.

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