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Win as much as 70% of your chargebacks & disputes.


Thwart up to half of your friendly fraud chargebacks.


Reclaim your bottom line and your customer relationships.

Fight Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

Experience fair and transparent pricing.

Prevent Chargebacks & Reduce MID Exposure

CB-Alert provides a full suite of tools to fight fraud and limit chargeback exposure.

Chargeback Prevention Alerts

Respond to chargeback requests in real-time, prevent card-scheme monitoring programs (and fees!), and keep merchant accounts in good standing.

In-dept Charts and Analytics

An easy-to-use platform developed by experienced industry veterans.

Fight Chargebacks & Recover Revenue

Discover a platform that is catered to your business.

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What our clients

are saying

As good as advertised

“Great platform, easy to use.”

Paul S

Exceptional API

“Wonderful support team also!”

Dorothy M

First Class

“Finally, a transparent partner in the Chargeback space!”

Russel W.


Industries We Serve

CB-Alert offers tailored solutions to merchants who want to minimize revenue lost to fraud and needless disputes.

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